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Cary Kirastar Ellis & Team

21st Century Superhuman

As we change ourselves we change the world…

"Embark on a transformative journey with Cary Kirastar, a beacon of unwavering light and a catalyst for change. I have been privileged with a river of exchanges with Cary since 2017, pertaining to business, spiritual wisdom, and friendship.   Her boundless Love embraces all religions, spiritual paths, and sacred traditions, unleashing the brilliance of Enlightenment within us all.

Amidst the darkness of our world, Cary's presence radiates Compassion, erasing shadows and ushering in celestial bliss. Trust Cary's unwavering guidance, rooted in evenness, purity, stability, and consistency.

For world change Visionaries seeking Financial Freedom, Well-Being, and a sense of Belonging, Cary Kirastar is the Guiding Force you've been searching for."

Taansen Fairmont


The Realm of Cary Kirastar Ellis

Step into a world of boundless possibilities, where Dreams are Realized, Lives are Transformed, and Communities Thrive. Welcome to the extraordinary realm of Cary Kirastar Ellis, a Visionary and Catalyst for Global Change.

Cary is enigmatic host of captivating YouTube shows and the author behind the groundbreaking 21st Century Superhuman Book series.

Her journey is far from ordinary. In 2012, an Ethereal Force ignited a spark within her, urging her to pen "the books" that would alter the course of humanity's evolution.

Through an intuitive connection with the Higher Mind that resides within us all, Cary embarked on a quest to unlock the Secrets of the Universe and share them with the world.

Days turned into nights as Cary poured her Heart and Soul onto the pages, fueled by an unwavering commitment to uncover the Keys to living a life of Profound Purpose and Boundless Potential.

After six months of tireless dedication, four extraordinary books emerged, bursting with Transformative Wisdom that would Forever change the Lives of those who dared to embrace it.

These remarkable volumes offer a wealth of Knowledge, Guiding readers through the shifting tides of the modern era.

Within their pages lie the secrets to navigating this Shift of the Ages, and activating the Extraordinary Potential dormant within Each of Us.

Cary's journey was not without its challenges. Just like many of her readers and students, she too experienced the harsh realities of health and financial struggle. But through her transformative work, she discovered a path towards Prosperity, Well Being and Abundance that Transcends the limitations of the traditional.

With glistening eyes of hope for humanity, Cary now shares her Revolutionary insights on Health, Wealth Creation and Personal Empowerment, illuminating a Transformative way forward for those who long to break free from the chains of financial burden.

Cary's vision extends far beyond personal success. She envisions a World united by a shared pursuit of Health, Prosperity and Well-Being—a world where Vibrant Communities Flourish.

Through her unique perspective, Cary invites you to embark on a Magical Journey, where boundaries between Personal Growth, Vibrant Health, and Thriving Communities blend. Together, we can to walk hand in hand, to weave the fabric of an Extraordinary Future.

Whether you seek Profound Personal Transformation, yearn for Financial Liberation, or crave the warmth and connection of a Supportive Community, Cary Kirastar Ellis beckons you to join her on this remarkable odyssey.

Embrace the Magical Times we live in, for within them lies the Power to Reshape not only our own lives but the Destiny of our World. Together, let us unlock the door to a Future filled with Limitless Possibilities.

Create an Extraordinary Life

We are Dedicated to helping you unleash your Inner Superhuman and create an Extraordinary Life.

At 21st Century Superhuman, we understand the struggles that World Change Visionaries face, from financial constraints to Health concerns and the need for a Supportive Community.

Our Mission is simple: to guide you towards BLISS.

As Pioneers in 21st Century Superhuman principles, Marek and I have mastered the art of Living in alignment with our Highest Potential.

We harness the power of Quantum knowledge, recognizing that our Thoughts, Emotions, Words, and Deeds possess the incredible ability to shape our reality through Vibration and Frequency.

By Embracing a mindset free of Fear, Blame, Hostility, Judgment, and Control, YOU can unlock the full potential of LOVE, Compassion, and Gratitude within Yourself.

Our Transformative Journey is an Invitation for you to join us on this path of Self-Discovery, where you will Learn to embody these principles, Resonate with Positivity, and Manifest the Extraordinary life You Deserve.

Whether you're seeking Financial Abundance, Improved Health, or a sense of Belonging within a like-minded Community, 21st Century Superhuman is here to support you.

Together, let's create a world where Limitless Possibilities become YOUR Reality.

- Cary Kirastar Ellis

ENTER a World of Transformation

Discover a soulful journey to Enchanting havens that nurture and uplift your Spirit, while Empowering You to Change the World.

Join a Vibrant Community of Visionaries, united by a common desire to Make a Difference. Together, we create a tapestry of Regenerative Healthy Living, Collaborative Endeavors, and Freedom from the stress of outdated paradigms.

Explore Cutting-Edge Technologies that revitalize your Body, Mind, Spirit, and even Your Wealth and Ecosystems.

In this era of the Great Awakening, we witness profound shifts in every facet of life. By embodying LOVE, we become catalysts for New Timelines, where shadows fade and the brilliance of change reigns supreme.

Step into the Great Shift of the Ages and unleash Your Potential to shape a Better World.

Are you ready to Embrace Your Role as a World Change Visionary?

Join us on this Extraordinary Path Today!

TEAM: It takes a Village

From Excellent Outsourcers to Affectionate Community there has always been wonderful support for 21st Century Superhuman Solutions moving forward. Ultimately we do nothing ‘alone,’ for we, our Visions and Dreams of a better World are All ONE.

"I’m thankful for the mutual thought and discussion with Teddi Mulder over 4 decades, for such she is Collaborator on the books. We share a LOVE for the human Family and hold Higher Frequencies together, for the Awakening of humanity and the emerging Golden Age of Enlightenment." 
~ Cary Kirastar Ellis

"We are Here to Change the World - and we’re not alone!" Together we activate new Timelines for a better future for humanity NOW!

What People are Saying

"Cary is gifted in so many areas - a writer and teacher, a healer, a philosopher of spiritual metaphysics, and a repository of wisdom and knowledge of the highest order. Her way of engaging with the world is radiant with love and compassion. I dearly value her works in all venues. Carry on, Cary!"


- Rev. Diane Stark, Minister, Unity Spiritual Center of Muskegon

"Cary Kirastar is a powerhouse, a celebrated author, speaker and host, she is a true pioneer of the New Earth. Cary is as passionate as she is astute to what is really going on.
A dedicated visionary able to not only clearly see the potential power awaiting to be unlocked within every one of us, but by staying true to her heart, she has been able to work work tirelessly to reveal the truth of our times in a way that gives each  of us a simple next step on how to become that which the Earth is calling us to be."


- Barnaby Andersun, Tech Innovator

"I’ve worked with Cary over the years. She has so much amazing knowledge. These days we need a Guide. You can arrive at Point B a hundred times faster with the right person’s assistance making it easier for you.
Having Cary as my Guide in this process has helped me change my life. I was able to accomplish my spiritual development so much faster and more effectively. What would have happened if I hadn’t met Cary? I’m so happy she's supported me on my path!"


- Anne Murphy, Progressive Media, Health Coach

"Cary Ellis s light years ahead of her time. Cary is from the future. She is very soulful, deep and is a very caring beautiful soul. She was made for this work because somebody has to Love humanity and somebody has to show others how to be Love. She came from the future to show us that."


- Ida Mendez, Financial Planner, Advisor

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