Dreamspell ~




Genre:   Sci/fi  Metaphysical/Spiritual

This award winning sci-fi trilogy explores the provocative question whether secrets of the past can restore a compromised future.

Quarterfinalist of 1100 entrants in Big Aussie Screenplay contest, (then titled Fulcrum).

Keanu Reeves, Gared at table with Haven



Dreamspell the Awaakening

Can secrets of the past save a compromised future?

A time-Traveler’s critical mission recovering Secrets of the Ancients to save his deteriorating world (2078) from the evil shadow government is doomed but for a mysterious trio from the future and their magical talisman.


Keanu as Gared
Keanu Reeves - Gared
Gared with rescued boy
Keanu Reeves - destruction in distance

~  Screenplay Synopsis ~ 

Dreamspell ~ the Awaakening 

written by Cary Ellis
All rights reserved©2023

Horses of the apocalypse appear snorting in the mists; black, gray, red and white, eerie, with cloaked riders; a montage of suffering, starving children; cataclysmic earth changes and warfare. A little boy is snatched from his dying mother's arms. There is a sense of desolation.

Gared tosses awake from fitful dreams in a gracious, sunny, futuristic earth-shelter home (a la Dennis Weaver a Taos Earth Ship), furnished in Zen simplicity. Year: 2078

An unusually gifted officer, Gared, works for the current military regime, a product of the Great Transition, helping sustain their image of an 'ideal' society, where deteriorating weather patterns and solar magnetic storms are managed by Shields, under which the majority of society live docile, suppressed lives in a Disney-perfect world, controlled by the Forgetting a result of psycho-terrorism.

Gared is plagued by vivid recurring dreams, triggering detailed memories of the past.

Because of his extraordinary ability, government research shows him to be a prime candidate for their budding time travel technology. He has the rare capability to access the past via his memory threads, and they want to send him to recover lost secrets of the Ancients.

Gared is uncertain whether he is willing to risk his life in this time travel experiment; but his commanding officer knows how to manipulate him.

He is adamant that these secrets from the past must be recovered, in order to prevent nuclear, biological and electronic disasters, that triggered the deteriorating foundation of his civilization.  

In preparation to go on this high-risk journey he meets Justine, a marine biologist and dolphin communicator who trains him in the secrets of inter-dimensional dolphin time-travel.

Though they resist it at first, there is an immediate and passionate attraction between the two, that later buds into love.

They form an attachment that will prove to be instrumental in Gared's survival on his mission, when the seductive powers of the government have stripped him of his time travel technology.

Gared meets his friend Haven at a Kava Bar at the beach, where they can talk privately among throngs of people.

Haven is an initiate and takes him secretly to a rebel colony where a ragged band called the Awaakened Ones survive in remote villages in the Wild Lands outside the Shields.

It is here that Gared begins his journey of Remembering, and meets the gifted Shaman, Dweller, who becomes his guide, and several others who he shall meet again.

His journey to the past takes him to the land of the Incas and the Ancestral Puebloans, to recover secrets of the Great Solar Disk.

The evil government of the future uses him as an unsuspecting pawn to claim this power as their own.

Gared would be unable to complete his mission if it weren't for a radical young trio from the future, Mora, Shadow and Spike, who bring him a talisman of great power and unexpected assistance when all seems lost.

Gared has a touching reunion with his mother, who died to this world when he was a young boy, now a high priestess in other realms.

He also discovers the truth about his real father, and begins to understand the legacy of which he is the progenitor.

But recovering his own dim memories is only the beginning, as he still is a carrier of obligation to an entire civilization and its unique time in history.

Will Gared succeed at infusing the profound effects of the secret of the Great Solar Disk into a doomed culture? Will he find his way home? And if so, to what kind of future? What will come of the child Justine carries, who calls herself Mora?


PART I of a Franchise Trilogy ~

Dreamspell I:    the awaakening

Dreamspell II:   the travellers

Dreamspell III:  the journey homme



Dreamspell II:   the travellers

The fingers of a fetus reach through the fabric of space to touch us, as Mora, Shadow and Spike receive orders on the deck of a starship; as leaders of an elite team of Space Rangers, they are cleaning up insidious corruption in the Known Universe.

Dreamspell III:  the journey homme

Within the Central Sun lies a realm of untold beauty threatened to be dispersed through the vortex of a black hole; a disaster that can only be reversed by the awakening of a Universal Civilization, stirred into being by a surprising and unexpected crew.

Justine - dolphin communication
Justine Dolphin
Wild lands village
wild village
Peruvian mountains
Peruvian Shaman
Peruvian mountain tribe

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I think true science fiction is a story that shows our contemporary world in a new light by presenting it in an alternative reality. 

Vincenzo Natali, Film Director, Screenwriter

There is only one time when it is essential to awaken.That time is now.

The Buddha


From the very start, I always envisioned Keanu Reeves as the Dreamspell lead, Gared, so I asked the AI to make images with him as the model and they came out pretty amazing! (The only place where the images are is on this private web page - they can only be accessed by someone who has the link - so don't worry, this is not public!)

I'd love to see Matthew McConaughey as Haven, Gared's best buddy, an 'initiate' and the major awakener of this series.

I know they both care about humanity and the future deeply, and it would be amazing for them to consider doing this uplifting project! I'm not sure how all the details would work, but I know we can figure it out.

Of course I can do it  without them - with other character avatars-but it would be so much more fun - and world changing with them!

SERIAL NOVEL TO START I'd love to first turn it into a chapter by chapter illustrated storyboard serial novel that I'm sure would go viral in a heartbeat. I'd love to be intrinsic to production with their input. We create a small Studio with Core Team Experts: Legal, Tech, Production, Promotion and Marketing. 



  • Brand Attire 
  • new Web 3.0 'conscious' game with tokens. (See Top 10 Best Play-to-Earn Web3 Games: January 2024)
  • Fund a New Social Media platform (of my dreams VEV) for Global Connection, Education, Solutions - perfect follow-up to this story!!! (FB-Insta-Meta worth $200B, Twitter X worth $40B)

Supporting a movement toward global solutions for compelling issues of the day, through the talents, minds and hearts of people around the world! 

AI IMAGES: Ever since I wrote this script I wanted to plug my finger into something and project all I saw in my head, (as this entire story was a total download) - I saw it as a movie - and then had to write the script. Only in the last few months I finally have skill and the tech to do it with AI - the images are exciting - and much like I imagine them.

Perhaps we have a new emerging way to make movies that doesn't require so much labor - or another format of sharing - how about we build a studio around this??

Maybe - anyway it's a great way to put together a viral serial novel - and then transition into a movie series... 

Cary Ellis, Author Biography

Cary Ellis currently goes by the pen name Cary Kirastar as a resonance of her soul vibration. She has spent many years creating and running magical programs for growth and transformation. 

  • Twelve years swimming with wild dolphins in the Florida Keys and the Yucatan; co-founder Dolphin Camp (formerly dolphin.com); self-healing journey and immersion in ancient cultures' prophecies of now; 
  • Corporate Team-building with outdoor adventure; Cary was co-founder Triangle Training Center 1984-1994  
  • Co-director Ann Wigmore Hippocrates Health Center wheatgrass/living foods regeneration programs 1980
  • Educator Gerson Cancer Therapy Institute in Mexico 1978
  • Co-ran Midwest promotional team for Anthony Robbins: Fear into Power, Firewalking and NLP Certification 1982-1988; (yes she's firewalked many times and broken boards with her bare hands).
  • Body Electronics Instructor/ ancient Tibetan point holding with Dr. John Ray (healed her own broken arm in 3 hrs., taught this technique and supported others' 'miraculous healings')
  • Wilderness schools for kids in Alaska & British Columbia
  • Wilderness survival, extreme mountain sports, permaculture, herbology, eco homes & sustainable living; reforestation, adventure travel guide
  • Cary has self-published over a dozen of her own books on Amazon, plus 7-8 for family members, who have all now passed on
  • She has over 350,000 views on her YouTube channel, and is currently expanding her Social Media presence
  • Cary Kirastar is one of those people who always thought everyone knows how to talk to animals, and for whom synchronicities are a daily occurrence.
  • Cary and her husband Marek live in the flow of commitment to a better world for all, and their work is directed towards Awakening. 
  • Quantum 'reality' and teachings of the Ancient Aramaic, as spoken by Yeshua (Jesus) are foundational to her 21st Century Superhuman book series, which remind us to Breathe, Smile and LOVE, for by so doing we change ourselves to change the world!
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