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Ancient Aramaic Forgiveness Process

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Introduce the concept of forgiveness as viewed through the lens of Ancient Aramaic teachings. Highlight the significance of Dr. Michael Ryce's work at Whyagain.org and how it delves into transformative forgiveness practices rooted in ancient wisdom.

Forgiveness stands as a cornerstone of personal growth and emotional healing, but its essence deepens when viewed through the lens of ancient wisdom.

Dr. Michael Ryce, through his work at Whyagain.org, brings to light the transformative power of forgiveness rooted in Ancient Aramaic teachings as found in one of the oldest Aramaic documents, the Khabouris Manuscript. Much of the research with accurate translation of the Ancient Aramaic can be found at his website.

The Essence of Ancient Aramaic Forgiveness:

Exploring Aramaic Roots: The Aramaic language is significant in understanding the real meaning that Yeshua (Jesus) taught as forgiveness.

The concepts of forgiveness and self-healing are actually rooted in clearing the unconscious of our own old data resonating in our world.

Components of Forgiveness: Fundamental elements are essential to forgiveness. Central among these is the concept of self-responsibility, the art of releasing our own data, and the transformative process of breaking free from unconscious emotional patterns that have hindered our personal growth.

The Process in Action:

Identifying Triggers: We can learn to recognize emotional triggers and patterns that require releasing.

Identifying emotional triggers forms the foundation of the Aramaic forgiveness practice. By recognizing these triggers and patterns, individuals can embark on a journey toward healing.

Tools and techniques offered by Dr. Ryce, such as the 'Reality Management Worksheet' available on Whyagain.org, empower individuals to engage with forgiveness actively.

Benefits and Impact:

The transformative power of Ancient Aramaic Forgiveness extends far beyond personal healing. By embracing forgiveness, individuals experience emotional liberation, witness the restoration of relationships, and encounter substantial growth in their personal journeys.

Integrating Forgiveness into Daily Life:

Practical application lies at the heart of any transformative process. Guidance on integrating forgiveness into daily routines is crucial. Strategies for handling challenging situations and consistently practicing this type of forgiveness process offers a tangible approach for personal growth and transformation.

Reflection and ongoing growth stand as pillars in the forgiveness journey. Embracing forgiveness as a continuous process fosters emotional well-being and personal empowerment.

Dr. Michael Ryce's teachings on the Ancient Aramaic Forgiveness process at Whyagain.org illuminate a path toward emotional healing and personal growth.

This journey of forgiveness becomes a tool for empowerment, fostering self-discovery, and healing on profound levels.

In Cary Kirastar’s 21st Century Superhuman Book 2 MIND – you will also discover worksheets and methods to apply forgiveness as a tool for personal empowerment and healing, as she has spent many years studying the Ancient Aramaic work with Dr. Ryce and he wrote the Forward to her books.