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Cat & Dog Spay-Neuter Clinics make a difference!

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21st Century Superhuman has raised donations and organized over a dozen cat & dog spay-neuter clinics in small villages in Mexico over the past few years, and we have participated in even more.

These clinics are heartwarming and uplifting, as many families wait for the opportunity to bring their pets (called mascotas in Spanish), as well as to collect and bring street animals who need help.

The clinics are very basic, in that a vet with her/his assistants come with a portable setup, including surgical table, instruments, medications, etc. The clinics usually run through one or two long days where 40-70 animals are treated.

We dream of the day when less invasive “Star Trek” type birth control will be available, rather than surgeries, but for now this works.

Families come with love in their hearts, after much education has taught them the value of the spay-neuter and vaccination programs. They are very open to listening to instructions post surgery – such as limiting activity and feeding their animals a bland diet for a few days, and possibly additional meds


Spaying and neutering dogs and cats, especially in economically challenged regions like Mexico, Central America, and many other locations, brings numerous benefits to the animal population and the community.

It's a crucial solution to control overpopulation, preventing unchecked breeding in areas with limited resources and insufficient access to veterinary care. Uncontrolled breeding often results in an excess of puppies and kittens, mirroring the hardships faced by families in feeding themselves, then leading to animal suffering through hunger and disease.

These procedures serve as proactive measures, reducing unwanted litters and breaking the cycle of suffering and premature deaths among these animals.

Furthermore, spaying and neutering contribute significantly to the overall health and well-being of individual animals. They lower the risk of reproductive cancers and eliminate potential reproductive symptoms, ensuring better health and preventing diseases like venereal cancer spread through random sexual intercourse.

Neutering, particularly in male cats and dogs, reduces roaming, aggression, and territorial behaviors, fostering safer communities for both humans and animals.

Spaying females helps prevent irresponsible breeding practices and curtails the growth of unwanted populations.

In regions with limited access to veterinary care, spaying and neutering campaigns play a vital role. They prevent the birth of countless animals facing a life of hardship and control diseases within the animal population, contributing to a healthier and safer environment for both animals and people

Ultimately, spaying and neutering initiatives in places like Mexico address overpopulation challenges, alleviate animal suffering, improve individual health, and create safer, more balanced communities for both animals and humans. It's a compassionate and practical approach to securing a brighter and healthier future for these cherished pets.

We invite you to consider sending a regular tax-deductible donation (think “giving up a few fancy coffees”) to help make more clinics possible, expand education and critical animal care.

We have joined forces with Amigos de Animales (to make your donations tax deductible), and every penny will go directly to these clinics!