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How to Use Your Photo in MidJourney to Create an AI Image

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To load your photo into Midjourney and request images featuring yourself as a character, follow these steps:

  1. Upload Your Photo:
  • Access the Midjourney platform (or another similar) and locate the option to upload images, found in the user dashboard or within a specific section for image uploads.
  • Choose the photo you want to use as a basis for the character creation. Ensure the photo meets the platform's guidelines for size, format, and quality.
  1. Request Image Generation:
  •  After uploading your photo, copy image link.
  •  Input your prompt:  /imagine, hit return
  •  Provide any specific details or preferences you have regarding the style, theme, or appearance of the character(s) you want to be created based on your photo.
  • Hit Control and select Copy Link of your image (in MidJourney) and paste it after your Prompt.
  • You can also give the aspect ratio you need such as –ar 1:1--

  1. Submit the Request:
  • Once you've specified your preferences and uploaded your photo, proceed to submit the request through the platform.
  • Hit Return & wait for your images
  • Some platforms might offer additional options or parameters to fine-tune your request, so make sure to review these before finalizing your submission.
  1. Wait for Processing:
  • After submitting your request, the platform's AI algorithms will begin processing your photo and generating images based on the specifications provided.
  • The processing time can vary based on the complexity of the request and the platform's workload. Be patient during this phase.
  1. Review and Download:
  • Once the images are generated, they will typically be available for review and download through the platform.
  •  Take time to review the generated images to see if they align with your expectations and preferences.
  •  Download the images you like and want to keep for personal use or sharing.

Remember, the exact steps might vary based on the specific features and interface of the Midjourney or other platform or any updates they've implemented. Check the platform's user guide or FAQ section for detailed instructions tailored to their system.