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True Forgiveness from the Ancient Aramaic

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The Ancient Aramaic Forgiveness work, as elucidated by Dr. Michael Ryce, and discussed on whyagain.org, draws from the Khabouris Manuscript and presents a profound methodology for inner healing and transformation.

Dr. Ryce tells us that if we had understood these things 2000 years ago, we would be living in a very different world. In a Quantum world there is no “out there” out there. The resonance I see or experience around me is coming from within me! Once we apply this amazing technique, everything changes!

This approach revolves around using his Worksheets and a Mindshifter process to identify and release ingrained patterns and emotional blockages within oneself.

At its core, this methodology focuses on understanding that our experiences are reflections of our internal beliefs and perceptions. The worksheets serve as tools for introspection, guiding individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and reactions in various situations. Through this process, they uncover underlying patterns of fear, resentment, or pain that might be recurring in their lives, discover surprisingly how it originates within them, and how to change it.

The Mindshifter processes, also integral to this approach, aims to facilitate deep healing by shifting these patterns at a fundamental level. By engaging in specific linguistic and energetic techniques rooted in Ancient Aramaic principles, individuals work to reframe their perceptions and emotions tied to past experiences. “Tapping” and “Breath work” are also well utilized with this clearing process. These practices help dissolve inner conflicts, release emotional burdens, and foster forgiveness towards oneself and others, even so far as to clearing generational data!

Dr. Michael Ryce's book, "Why is this happening to me again?", provides a comprehensive guide to this transformative process, offering practical insights and exercises to apply these principles in daily life. It can be downloaded at whyagain.org

Cary Kirastar Ellis further expands on these concepts in her "21st Century Superhuman Book 2 MIND," providing a framework for utilizing these ancient teachings to attain love, health, and abundance in the modern era.

The significance of this approach lies in its capacity to address deep-seated emotional wounds and liberate individuals from recurring patterns that hinder personal growth.

By working through the Worksheets and Mindshifter processes, individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves, cultivate forgiveness, and pave the way for profound healing and positive transformation in their lives.

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